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DuctSeal FR Duct Sealing System [100mm ducts]

Pipe & Containment

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Duct Seal FR - DSFR100 offers specialized fire-resistant sealing solutions for ducts up to 100mm in diameter. Utilizing cutting-edge Intumescent technology and FireStuff marine-grade granulate, DSFR100 ensures superior performance in challenging environments.

This system is designed to effectively seal multiple cables or pipes entering buildings or cabinets, providing vapor, liquid, and vermin-tight seals. Tested to meet rigorous safety standards, DSFR100 is ideal for critical installations such as data centres, substations, and petrol forecourts.

Elevate your safety standards with Duct Seal FR - DSFR100, proudly designed and manufactured in the UK to deliver reliability and peace of mind.

The kit contains the following items:

  • Grey / Red Stuff Sealant
  • Cable Separation (Tubular rubber tubes)
  • Finishing Sponge
  • Sandpaper
  • Cleaning Wipe
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Instructions

One Kit per Box:

All components included to seal 1 x duct as per the kit size mentioned (Caulking gun not included, but can be sold separately). ** One kit may fill more than one duct, depending on cable % fill

Cable Separation:

It’s imperative to ensure separation between each cable and from the inside of the duct. this unique daisy-chained circular tubes easily separates and supports single or multiple cables. Using the patent pending tubular rubber tubes, various shapes can be made to help with cable separation, for example, trefoil/triplex cables

Running Water:

The duct & cables can be damp but with no running water. All dirt, oil or grease must be cleaned before applying GreyStuff or RedStuff.

Cure Time:

GreyStuff and RedStuff will cure 3-4mm daily, depending on the Humidity and temperature. The higher the humidity % and temperature, the quicker our sealants will cure. A minimum requirement of 25mm is required for an effective seal.


Uncured material spillages can be cleaned with a solvent-based wipe.

Fire Certification

Important Note: A fire rating is applicable only to an "as fire tested" system or an otherwise approved configuration. The entire system or configuration achieves the described fire rating only when a specific proprietary brand of product is installed in an identical manner to the approved tested configuration. Always ensure that your installation matches our fire test certification. It is the end user's responsibility to verify that DuctSeal FR is the correct system for the project requirements. Please contact our technical department to request a copy of our test report, and refer to our Duct Sealing Disclaimer.

GreyStuff or RedStuff Fire Resistance

GreyStuff sealant was tested according to BSEN1366-3:2023. RedStuff has not been tested, but can be used with your authorisation only (customer and/or end user). We can confirm that the difference between GreyStuff and RedStuff is less than <1%. The only change in the formulation from GreyStuff to RedStuff is the pigment component. This alteration does not affect the fire resistance, physical properties, or manual handling of the final product.

Health & Safety:

GreyStuff & RedStuff are based on a neutral curing system that is hazardous-free to protect users when carrying out tasks like sealing cable ducts. Non-hazardous Zero MEKO.



Re-entry & Removal:

GreyStuff & RedStuff will cure to a similar hardness of a rubber eraser, so re-entry and removal are achievable. The ease of this depends on the type of tools used. For example, a sharper tool will be easier than a blunt-ended tool. Only use sharp tools when cables are de-energised. AC Cable Solutions accepts no responsibility for damaged cables.

Cable Suitability:

GreyStuff and RedStuff are a single-component neutral curing system containing no solvents. this formulation does not damage the properties of a cable sheath or stain surfaces.


Both GreyStuff & RedStuff should be kept in a cool, dry environment and away from sunlight. The product shelf life is 12 months. Once opened, any remaining product can still be used for 1 month afterwards, provided the screwcap is securely fitted.

Key Features

  • Fire Resistant: Tested to BSEN1366:3 2021
  • One-of-a-kind Patented Trefoil/Triplex Cable Separation: The best in the market
  • Low Smoke, Zero Halogen
  • MEKO-free, Fybrid, Non-Hazardous Intumescent Sealant
  • Fire, Water & Gas Tight
  • Resists Toxic Gases: Ideal for the water industry (methane, chlorine, & hydrogen sulfide)
  • Resists Hydrocarbons: Perfect for the petrol forecourt industry
  • Microbial Defence: Boosted to resist fungi & bacteria
  • Made in UK: All components are designed and manufactured locally

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