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Hexagon Nipple

  • British / DIN Standard galvanised hexagon nipple with male thread BSPT
  • This part is often referred to as a Figure 280
  • Our beaded range of malleable iron pipe fittings which are manufactured in accordance with European DIN standards, this range is similar to the George FischerĀ® range where all female threads are BSPP.
Description Price
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 1/8" x Hexagon Nipple G2HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 1/4" x Hexagon Nipple G4HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 3/8" x Hexagon Nipple G6HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 1/2" x Hexagon Nipple G8HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 3/4" x Hexagon Nipple G12HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 1" x Hexagon Nipple G16HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 1 1/4" x Hexagon Nipple G20HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 1 1/2" x Hexagon Nipple G24HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 2" x Hexagon Nipple G32HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 2 1/2" x Hexagon Nipple G40HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 3" x Hexagon Nipple G48HN Please Login
3cd65e70-41b1-4a84-a5bf-9ea800c4d9c3_89x104 4" x Hexagon Nipple G64HN Please Login

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