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BioCat™ Hydrocarbon Absorbent

Spill, Safety & Environmental

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Stock Code: 001-BIO-20L

A cost effective true super absorbent, which reduces the amount and hazardous nature of hydrocarbon waste. This remarkable hydrocarbon absorbent offers significant technical and commercial benefits to spill responders. BioCat™ immediately absorbs hydrocarbons on contact, resulting in significantly reduced downtime by leaving hard surfaces completely dry and residue free. BioCat™ is safe to use, reduces fire risk, and has a high OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit). BioCat™ is up to 10 times more effective than conventional absorbents and will not significantly increase the volume of waste absorbed. Clean up spills in five simple steps 1. Shovel BioCat™ from the recycling centre or simply pour from the tub 2. Completely cover the spill with Biocat and leave for approx. one minute 3. Brush BioCat™ back and forth until there is no residue left 4. Shovel up used BioCat™ and sieve it, allowing it to be recycled and reused 5. Lumps that do not pass through the sieve should be disposed of in accordance with EU landfill legislation Benefits of using BioCat™ Absorbs and bioremediates hydrocarbons Absorbs between 6-10 times its own weight for small scale spills Naturally derived product from a totally renewable source Completely safe to use Leaves surface dry and residue free Produces negligible leachate Does not release under compaction Multiple safe disposal options Reduces fire risk High Occupational Exposure Limit

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