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Dewatering Pack

Spill, Safety & Environmental

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Stock Code: 0119-DWP-5L

The Darcy Dewatering Pack provides a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution for pumping activities within operations including: oil contaminated excavations road gullies site works inspection chambers lift shafts bilges tanks The dewatering pack can be used where high volumes of contaminated water are present, but with relatively low volumes of oil contamination. It applies state-of-the-art filtration technology to remove suspended solids, oil deposits and light sheen from pumping and other water discharge operations, and can be used in place of costly vacuum lorries (tankering services), which take time, create disruption, cause delays and have a big carbon footprint. Simply place the polymer pillows on the surface of contaminated water and within a few minutes each pillow will remove contaminants and render them into an inert, rubber-like solid. The pillows can be safely removed by hand and the water can then be pumped through the Oil and Sediment Filter, allowing it to be safely pumped into the environment. Polymer pillows can retain and solidify several litres of oil, diesel, petrol, transformer fluid and other hydrocarbons within minutes Benefits: All contents contained within an easily transportable container No site closures, no waiting for vacuum tankers to arrive, no engine emissions Designed to allow teams working in the field to immediately resolve contamination problems without having to shut down and wait for third party vacuum trucks to arrive Dramatically reduces overall cost of hazardous waste disposal Reduces carbon footprint significantly by removing the need for unnecessary vacuum tanking journeys Kit comprises: Oil and Sediment Filter 5 x oil detection strips 5 x polymer pillows All contained within a lightweight 25-litre, resealable UN certified container

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