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Spill Kit 340

Spill, Safety & Environmental

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Stock Code: 0174-8

Our Drizit Oil Spill Kit 340 is primarily for outdoor use for dealing with hydrocarbons, solvents, oils and other organic liquids spills that pose an environmental threat. Areas such as: at bulk fuel storage waste oil collection points fuel delivery points near high risk areas such as rivers and canals. However, due to its size, shape and portability this is an ideal spill kit for internal use and anywhere where volumns of liquids are stored, delivered or received. Container: Heavy duty, UV stabilised highly visible, water proof container. Spill kit contents 150 oil absorbent pads 1 oil absorbent mini roll 5 oil absorbent socks 2 oil absorbent cushions 1 oil absorbent boom 1 Dammit® mat 3 disposal bags and ties 2 stakes 800g Dammit® ready mix 1 personal safety kit

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