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Pipe Supports and Clamps

Pipe Supports, Clamps and Accessories

Description Price
78710393 Apache Channel Clip - 58-69mm 78710393 Please Login
06-ABP-A03 Back Plate - 10mm Thread 06/ABP/A03 Please Login
75-ASG-03 Threaded Rod 10mm x 1m 75/ASG/03 Please Login
06-ASR-A10 2" Pipe Clamp (10mm Back plate & threaded rod sold separately) 06/ASR/A10 Please Login
1U U Bolt 1" with nuts 1U Please Login
2U U Bolt 2" with nuts 2U Please Login
3U U Bolt 3" with nuts 3U Please Login
4U U Bolt 4" with nuts 4U Please Login
5U U Bolt 5" with nuts 5U Please Login
Schoolboard Clip 1" 501/1 Please Login
Schoolboard Clip 1.5" 501/1.5 Please Login
Schoolboard Clip 2" 501/2 Please Login

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