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Leak Detection Systems (Class I)

Detect and prevent leaks on double-wall pipework and tanks

PFS Fueltec are proud to be the UK's leading distributor of SGB leak detection systems, Europe's leading manufacturer of leak detection systems for containers and pipework systems.

We've grouped our best selling Class I SGB leak detection systems on this website by application to help you find the right leak detector for your installation.

It is important to choose the correct leak detector for your application to ensure you safely detect a leak before any product is lost to the environment. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing a leak detector our knowledgeable team is always happy to assist.

European stand­ard for leak de­tec­tion tech­no­logy - EN 13160

EN 13160 defines the requirements for various leak detection systems. These leak detectors are grouped into five classes. Class I requires/provides the highest safety standard and best environmental protection, and class V the lowest safety standard and worst or no environmental protection. Each European country decides at national level which classes are permitted or banned.

In the UK, underground tanks for fuels must always be Class I systems and more and more regulators are also requiring Class I systems for the monitoring of double-skin pipes.

All our SGB leak detectors are Class I systems.

EN 13160 classes

  • Class I (double-walled, interstitial space with air/gas) Systems in this class indicate leaks above or below the liquid level in a double-walled system. They are constructed with safety in mind and indicate leaks before the stored/conveyed product can enter the environment (e.g. overpressure or vacuum systems). (Definition according to EN standard)

  • Class II (double-walled, interstitial space with liquid) Systems in this class indicate a leak above and below the liquid level in a double-walled system with a possibility of the leak detection liquid entering the environment. (Definition according to EN standard)

  • Class III (double-walled, system works with liquid and/or gas sensors) Class III systems indicate a leak in the tank or pipe below the liquid level. These systems are based on liquid and/or gas sensors installed in a leak chamber or interstitial space. The stored/conveyed product could enter the environment. (Definition according to EN standard)

  • Class IV (single-walled, tank content measurement Systems in this class indicate a specified value for changes in the tank with a certain probability (e.g. leaks into or out of the tank). If there is a leak, the stored product is highly likely to enter the environment.

There are several classes: IV a Dynamic systems also indicate leaks in the connected pipe by way of comparison, and IV b Static tank content leak detection systems and leak detection systems with static short-term indicator only show leaks in the tank.

  • Class V Systems in this class are able to indicate loss of liquid in tanks or pipes below the liquid level. Before the leak is indicated, the product will have already entered the environment (e.g. through sensors in monitoring chambers or wells). (Definition according to EN standard)

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