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4 output 4-20 mA, 8 input 3-240 VAC/DC

Monitoring & Control

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4 output 4-20 mA, 8 input 3-240 VAC/DC. The EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000 Automatic Tank Gauges come standard with a power supply module and a controller module. Additional interface modules can be installed. Interface modules ordered with an ATG will be installed at the factory. The following guidelines must be followed:

EVO™ 550: Six total modules can be installed with a maximum of four intrinsically safe modules and a maximum of three of any one kind of module. EVO™ 5000: Eleven total modules can be installed with a maximum of nine intrinsically safe modules and a maximum of three of any one kind of module.

TS-IO Input output module, 4 output 4-20 mA, 8 input 3-240 VAC/DC

The Input/Output Module is a non-intrinsically safe module that provides eight separate AC or DC voltage inputs that can range from 0 to 240 volts. In addition to the AC/DC inputs, the IO module also includes four 4-20mA signal outputs. The AC/DC inputs are NOT dry contact inputs (there are 2 dry contact inputs on the power supply). Even though the IO Module can accept AC line voltage levels, it is not intended to be used as a substitute for the AC Input Module for dispenser hook inputs. Dispenser hook signals often have leakage currents that could cause false ‘on’ signals when used with the IO Module. Important: Use caution if both low voltage and high voltage signals are used simultaneously for the voltage inputs. Use agency approved wire rated at 600V for safety and always make sure terminal connections are tight and that no loose wire strands exist. The IO Module’s four 4-20mA signal outputs can be used to interface to an external device such as a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system or a building monitoring system. Typically, data such as tank levels or line pressures can be sent via the 4-20 outputs. Important: The IO Module supplies 4-20mA loop power. Do NOT connect it to an external device that supplies loop power or use an external power supply for the loop. Doing so may damage the IO and/or the external device. For similar reasons DO NOT connect the IO Module’s 4-20mA outputs to the 4-20mA inputs of the 4-20mA Input Module. The 4-20mA Input Module is intrinsically safe and cannot be used with the non-intrinsically safe IO Module; connecting the two together may damage either or both modules.

IO Module Specifications Number of Channels: 8 optically isolated inputs 4 analog outputs Input Voltage Rating: 3 – 240 Volts AC or DC (AC is rms value) Input Current (each): 2 mA RMS


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