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SECU Tank 1 RELAY ATG : 1 Tank, 2 Relays

Monitoring & Control

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Level Gauge for non-pressured tanks with 2 relays

SECU Tank RELAY is an electronic level gauge for non-pressured tanks using different hydrostatic probes. Indication with 2-line LCD-display and 2 Relays for controlling various functions e.g. pumps.


All non-EX products and EX products with safety barrier


The level is measured via the hydrostatic pressure of the tank level. After input of the tank data into the display unit during the installation, the calculation of the measurement values is done automatically.

Advantages and Equipment:

  • Showing the measurement data displayable in litres, volume (%) or fill-height (cm)
  • Indication of the maximum ullage (level to be filled in)
  • Language display in German, English or French
  • Extension of the probe cable up to 200m
  • 2 programmable Relays to control e.g. a pump

Ullage and Filling

Over the menu "ullage“ the indication of the maximum volume to be filled-in is given for tank-truck drivers and tank-owners. An accidental overfill can be avoided.


Filling to the limit-probe is not allowed. The system is not an automated overfill-prevention. Application example: Level Gauge at site with automatic switch to an auxiliary tank. Remark for hydrostatic gauges and application areas: Choosing the hydrostatic probe please take care of tank-height and density of the product. Only in that way an accurate measurement is possible. Please take care of the product in the tank for choosing the right probe.

Technical Data:

  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz (optional 24V DC)
    • Range of Measurement: up to 25m high tanks (depending on the hydrostatic probe)
    • Tank Connection: G 1, G 1 1/2 or G 2
    • Protection: IP65
    • Optional Interfaces: 4-20mA, 0-5V, M-Bus, H-Box
    • 2x Relays with NO and NC Contacts (max. 250V AC and 3,5A)

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