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SECU Tank 250mbar Level Pressure Probe with 6m Cable

Monitoring & Control

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Tank measuring probe for level measurement.

This relative pressure probe is hung as an immersion probe, for example on the bottom of a tank, preferably lying down. The probe uses the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid to measure the current level of the liquid, e.g. in the heating oil tank.

The submersible connection cable of the tank probe is made of resistant PUR and contains a thin air capillary for atmospheric pressure compensation on the back for the measuring cell. In this way, fluctuations in air pressure are automatically compensated and do not lead to measurement errors.

Fields of application of the tank probe:

  • Heating oil, diesel, waste oil
  • Motor oil and lubricating oil (as fresh oil)
  • Biodiesel, rapeseed oil
  • Rainwater storage tanks, water basins, water levels, water levels
  • Other media on request

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