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Cleaning Products

Description Price
1384148 Box of Rags 1384148 Price: £38.08 Buy Now
wipe9-wetwipes Tub of IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Wet Wipes for UPP Pipework cleaning HANDY/TUB/WIPE9 Price: £30.74 Buy Now
Dirteeze Jumbo tub 80 micro-beaded Degreaser cloths - 8 Pack DGPCL80 Price: £70.41 Buy Now
Dirteeze 80 Smooth Glass & Plastic cloths (gdcl70) - 8 Pack GDCL Price: £67.34 Buy Now
DGCL Dirteeze Jumbo tub Smooth Degreaser cloths - 8 Pack DGCL Price: £64.45 Buy Now
Dirteeze 40 Micro-beaded Degreaser extra thick cloths DGPF Price: £72.42 Buy Now
LAX60 Industrial Multi Purpose Wipe LAX60 Price: £22.47 Buy Now
MAX110B160 MAX 110 Heavy Duty Box 160 sheets 30 x 42cm MAX110B160 Price: £39.08 Buy Now
MAX110R475 MAX 110 Heavy Duty Roll 475 sheets 31.5 c 34cm MAX110R475 Price: £96.62 Buy Now
HMAXB1000QF Dirteeze Multipurpose Anti-bac Wipes Bucket HMAXB1000QF Price: Call Buy Now
Dirteeze Multipurpose Anti-bac Wipes Flowpack (Pack 12) HMAXF200 Price: £66.53 Buy Now
Dirteeze Multipurpose Anti-bac Wipes x 8 tubs HMAXCL250 Price: £52.14 Buy Now
SONTEK65 SONTEK 65 Low Lint Tech Wipes Pharma/food Aero 280 shts SONTEK65 Price: £70.15 Buy Now
MAX75B200 MAX 75 Medium Duty Box 200 sheets 30 x 42cm MAX75B200 Price: £31.20 Buy Now
MAX60B176 MAX60 Light Duty Box 176 sheets 30 x 42cm MAX60B176 Price: £22.29 Buy Now


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