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Duct Sealing Systems

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DuctSeal LG – a ground-breaking solution that redefines safety in ducted networks. Designed for seamless installation and fortified protection against a range of risks, DuctSeal LG isn't just a sealant; it's a comprehensive safeguard against harmful elements like gases, liquids, smoke, and vermin.

  • Beyond a Product: DuctSeal LG - Your Safety Assurance: What makes DuctSeal LG truly exceptional is its swiftness and ease of installation, resistance to fuels and chemicals like AdBlue, flame retardancy, compliance with APEA/EI Bluebook and ATEX standards, and its ability to provide a vapor, liquid, and vermin tight seal with pressure resistance of up to 1 bar. It's not just a product; it's a guarantee of safety, ensuring that fuel-installations stations operate securely and responsibly.

  • Seal for Safety: Fuel filling stations and other fuel storage and transfer installations, harbour flammable substances, making safety a top priority. Often overlooked, the sealing of cable ducts is a pivotal safety measure. This process prevents the transfer of hazardous materials between different areas, securing building structures and equipment from potential risks, ensuring the safety of both individuals and property within the site.

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