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110/90mm (3") Double Wall

Description Price
upp-extra-pipe-90mm-l-5.8m-879-p UPP Extra Pipe 90mm L=5.8M 001-090-006-E Price: £149.21 Buy Now
upp-secondary-pipe-110mm-l-5.8m-1031-p UPP Secondary Pipe 110mm L=5.8M 000-110-006-SC-E Price: £121.13 Buy Now
upp-fusion-coupler-90mm-881-p UPP Fusion Coupler 90mm 02.90 Price: £18.00 Buy Now
upp-electrofusion-elbow-45-90mm-885-p UPP Electrofusion Elbow 45° 90mm 04-090-EIF Price: £46.91 Buy Now
gemini-110-90-45-degree-fitting-994-p Gemini, 110/90, 45 degree fitting G4-110-090 Price: £188.54 Buy Now
upp-electrofusion-elbow-90-90mm-883-p UPP Electrofusion Elbow 90° 90mm 03-090-EIF Price: £46.91 Buy Now
gemini-110-90-90-degree-fitting-993-p Gemini, 110/90, 90 degree fitting G3-110-090 Price: £190.64 Buy Now
upp-electrofusion-tee-90mm-892-p UPP Electrofusion Tee 90mm 08-090-EIF Price: £65.31 Buy Now
gemini-110-90-tee-fitting-995-p Gemini, 110/90, Tee fitting G8-110-090 Price: £218.01 Buy Now
upp-terminating-reducer-110x90mm-sec-with-tp-996-p UPP Terminating Reducer 110x90mm Sec with TP 49-110-090-TP Price: £226.26 Buy Now
upp-terminating-reducer-110x90mm-secondary-997-p UPP Terminating Reducer 110x90mm Secondary 49-110-090 Price: £220.13 Buy Now
UPP Flanged Termination 90mm UPP Flanged Termination 90mm 90-090F Price: £150.61 Buy Now
UPP Coupling Flange 3'' BSPT Male UPP Coupling Flange 3'' BSPT Male DN80M Price: £74.79 Buy Now
UPP Coupling Flange 3'' BSP Female UPP Coupling Flange 3'' BSP Female DN80F Price: £74.79 Buy Now
UPP Gasket & Bolt Set for Coupling Flange DN 80 UPP Gasket & Bolt Set for Coupling Flange DN 80 DN80/2 Price: £16.86 Buy Now
upp-termination-90mm-x-3-bspt-male-899-p UPP Termination 90mm x 3" BSPT Male 91-090 BSPT Price: £145.35 Buy Now
upp-termination-90mm-x-3-bspt-female-901-p UPP Termination 90mm x 3" BSPT Female 92-090 BSPT Price: £167.48 Buy Now
upp-anti-static-cap-1032-p UPP Anti-Static Cap ESI-CAP-012 Price: £2.13 Buy Now
leak-detection-nylon-tube-kit-60cm-1033-p Leak Detection (Nylon) Tube Kit - 60cm LDT 60-1 Price: £22.88 Buy Now
Leak Detection (Nylon) Tube Kit - Use with STB-100 offering BPT-200 Price: Call Buy Now
dwtf-male-110-90mm-tp-bspt-998-p DWTF, Male, 110/90mm, TP, BSPT 91-110-090-TP BSPT Price: £417.05 Buy Now
dwtf-female-110-90mm-bspt-999-p DWTF, Female, 110/90mm, BSPT 92-110-090 BSPT Price: Call Buy Now
dwtf-female-110-90mm-tp-bspt-1000-p DWTF, Female, 110/90mm, TP, BSPT 92-110-090-TP BSPT Price: £417.05 Buy Now
upp-stub-90mm-888-p UPP Stub 90mm 05-090-L Price: £23.19 Buy Now


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