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UPP Tools

Description Price
ef1-welder-set-110v-729-p EF1 Welder Set 110V EF1-110V Price: £2,823.72 Buy Now
welding-cable-primary-4amp-4mm-pins-red-731-p Welding Cable - Primary 4amp, 4mm Pins Red EF1-PC 4MM Price: £241.79 Buy Now
welding-cable-secondary-5amp-2mm-pins-green-732-p Welding Cable - Secondary 5amp, 2mm Pins Green EF1-SC 2MM Price: £211.24 Buy Now
welding-cable-chamber-7amp-white-733-p Welding Cable - Chamber 7amp White EF1-C7A Price: £222.58 Buy Now
welding-cable-primary-2mm-red-734-p Welding Cable - Primary 2mm Red EF1-PC 2MM Price: £211.24 Buy Now
bridging-cable-primary-4amp-4mm-pins-red-735-p Bridging Cable - Primary 4amp, 4mm Pins Red EF1-BC 4MM Price: Call Buy Now
cutting-wheel-for-p.cut-small-748-p Cutting Wheel for P.CUT SMALL CW2 Price: Call Buy Now
cutting-wheel-for-p.cut-p.cut-med-751-p Cutting Wheel for P.CUT & P.CUT MED CW1 Price: Call Buy Now
upp-hand-scraper-755-p UPP Hand Scraper SCR.HAR Price: £21.83 Buy Now
blades-for-scr.har-8-blades-756-p Blades for SCR.HAR (8 Blades) SCR.HAR(B) Price: £15.72 Buy Now
4_4200_031_Enlarge Rotational Peeling Tool 20-125mm 4_4200_031 Price: Call Buy Now
upp-rotary-scraper-spare-blade-1-9-754-p UPP Rotary Scraper Spare Blade 1" - 9" SCR-BLADE-025-225 Price: £168.46 Buy Now
scraper-kit-for-current-upp-50-63-90-110mm-758-p Scraper Kit for current UPP 50/63/90/110mm SCR.K(1)-E Price: Call Buy Now
drive-shaft-for-upp-scr.k-1-759-p Drive Shaft for UPP SCR.K(1) SCR.K(1) SHAFT Price: Call Buy Now
replacement-blade-for-scr.k-1-shallow-cut-757-p Replacement Blade for SCR.K(1) Shallow Cut SCR.B Price: Call Buy Now
scraper-mandrill-for-110mm-fillpipe-760-p Scraper Mandrill for 110mm FILLPIPE SCR.M110-FILL-E Price: Call Buy Now
mandrill-kit-for-legacy-scraper-761-p Mandrill Kit for Legacy Scraper MDR.K-E Price: Call Buy Now
upp-pipe-clamp-straight-32-110mm-762-p UPP Pipe Clamp - Straight 32 - 110mm CLAMP(S) Price: £215.60 Buy Now
upp-pipe-clamp-angled-32-110mm-763-p UPP Pipe Clamp - Angled 32 - 110mm CLAMP(A) Price: Call Buy Now
clamp-for-upp-fusion-seals-302-764-p Clamp for UPP Fusion Seals 302 302-CLAMP Price: £72.45 Buy Now
clamp-for-upp-fusion-seals-303-765-p Clamp for UPP Fusion Seals 303 303-CLAMP Price: £66.83 Buy Now
clamp-for-upp-fusion-seals-304-110-090-766-p Clamp for UPP Fusion Seals 304-110-090 304-CLAMP Price: £130.88 Buy Now
clamp-for-upp-fusion-seals-305-125-110-768-p Clamp for UPP Fusion Seals 305-125-110 305-EXT-CLAMP Price: £140.68 Buy Now
towing-head-for-upp-primary-pipe-50mm-770-p Towing Head for UPP Primary Pipe 50mm TH50 Price: £540.43 Buy Now


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