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UPP Fusion Entry Seal 110x90 with Integrated Couplers and Test Port

Pipe & Containment

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Stock Code: 304-110-090-TP

Simple Installation

  • The UPP electrofusion welding process is safe and simple to complete in any climate and virtually any weather condition.
  • An installer simply prepares the components, fits them together attaching welder leads to the fitting, and then presses a single button on the welding unit to initiate the process.
  • The welder unit itself calculates the exact settings required to complete the weld, regardless of the pipework diameter or temperature, leaving no settings for the installer to input.

Electrofusion Welding

  • At the heart of the UPP pipework system is the highly efficient electrofusion welding process that connects pipe, fittings, seals and containment to create a seamless direct burial pipework system.
  • The welding process uses the lightweight, portable UPP electrofusion welder unit to form the strongest of assemblies, which is easily and quickly carried out - even in confined spaces.

Safety Above All Else

  • With installations in over 150 countries to its credit, the UPP pipework system boasts a sterling safety record.
  • Thousands of trouble-free existing installations around the world, some of which more than 30 years old, speak to the reliability of this non-conductive pipework system.
  • The proven track record of performing effectively in some of the world’s harshest conditions speaks for itself.

The Strength of EVOH

  • UPP pipe features an innovative clear inner lining made of natural EVOH resin to provide maximum pipe strength and superior vapour permeation and hydrocarbon barrier qualities.
  • UPP pipe is the first to receive an exception Class T1 temperature rating with its EN14125 approval, a true testament to its strength.

Electrofusion Termination Fittings

  • The end of a piping run can be fitted with a wide variety of termination fittings to accommodate any application.
  • UPP termination fittings feature an overmolded design which permanently bonds the metal threads of the fitting to an HDPE pipe segment.
  • This allows the same electrofusion process to create a liquid tight bond between the pipework and metal termination fitting.
  • UPP Fusion Seal - with integrated 110mm and 90mm welding couplers.
  • Closes interstitial space and allows primary welding to a fitting, all in one piece.
  • Integrated test-port

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