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Submersible Fuel Pumps

The highest performing fuel submersible pumps, complete line of controllers and leak detection products.
FE PETRO® brand submersible pumping systems set the standard by which all other fuel pumping systems are measured. With best-in-class flow rates and backed by a long history of dependability, FE PETRO® pumps are responsible for delivering fuel to thousands of customers around the globe, day in and day out.
Dependability & Reliability
A pump has to be reliable, it has to be safe, and it has to perform. That's why thousands of station owners around the world have trusted FE PETRO® pumps and the Franklin Electric motors that drive them to keep their business flowing for over 25 years.

Fuel Compatiblity
FE PETRO® pumps are UL listed with both UL79A (up to 85% ethanol) and UL79B (up to 20% or 100% Biodiesel).

Safe Servicing
The rock-solid design of FE PETRO® pumps has remained virtually unchanged since day one, meaning we can, and still do, service our pumps installed since 1988 with maintenance safeguard features and full backward compatibility.

* NOTE * FE Petro Submersible Pumps require a 4" tank opening for installation. A 4" Riser tube with NPT Male top thread is required to mount the pump to the tank. Risers are not included in the packaged submersible pumps and must be purchased separately.


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