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Description Price
RIS-FLANGE20F (2in BSPT FEMALE SOCKET) 2Inbspt Single Female Flange Kit RIS-FLANGE20F Price: £39.55 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE20M (2in BSPT Male Flange Assembly) 2Inbspt Single Male Flange Kit RIS-FLANGE20M Price: £18.96 Buy Now
4031-130 (130HT FLANGE BASE EXTENSION) 2" Riser Extension 130Mm (Flanged) RIS-FLANGE2-130-RISER Price: £53.05 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE2-35-M (2in BSPT Male Flange + 35mm Bolts + Nuts) 2" Bspt Male Sq Flange + 35mm long bolts + nuts + gasket RIS-FLANGE2-35-M Price: £50.10 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE2-BLANK (2in Blank Flange Assembly) 2" Blank Flange Assembly RIS-FLANGE2-BLANK Price: £37.81 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE3-2 3" X 2" Reducer Flange Assembly RIS-FLANGE3-2 Price: £42.25 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE4-2 (4in x 2in REDUCER FLANGE ASSEMBLY) 4" X 2" Reducer Flange Assembly RIS-FLANGE4-2 Price: £58.83 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE4-3F (R3 {3in BSPT} Female Flange) 4" X 3" Reducer Flange Assembly RIS-FLANGE4-3F Price: £82.99 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE4-4F 4" Female Flange Ass RIS-FLANGE4-4F Price: £53.69 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE4-BLANK (4in Blank Flange Assembly) 4" Blank Flange Assembly RIS-FLANGE4-BLANK Price: £41.09 Buy Now
RIS-FLANGE4-BSPT-M 4" Adaptor Flange Male Bsp (Retrofit) RIS-FLANGE4-BSPT-M Price: £120.80 Buy Now


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