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Condensate Traps

Description Price
310010-00 Condensate trap, S6, 40ml, brass/MAK, PVC-hose with 6mm i.d. 310010-00 Please Login
310015 Condensate trap, QU8/6, 40ml, brass, PA-hose 8/6x1mm 310015 Please Login
310016 Condensate trap, QU8/6, 40ml, brass, PA-hose 8/6x1mm,liq.stop shut-off valve 310016 Please Login
310012 Condensate trap, CF8/6, 40ml, brass/MAK, CU-pipe 8/6x1mm 310012 Please Login
310020 Triple condensate trap, each 30ml, PVC-hose 8/4x2mm or 10/6x2mm 310020 Please Login
310030 Condensate trap, S4, 1 liter, brass/MAK, with drain screw 310030 Please Login

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