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External Alarms

Description Price
117400 SMS Alarm / Powerloss 230v Weather Proof 117400 Price: Call Buy Now
117500 Leak indicating unit LAE, 100-240VAC/24VDC, IP30, 3xIN, 3xOUT 117500 Price: £459.44 Buy Now
117500-03 Leak indicating unit LAE-3, 100-240VAC/24VDC, IP30 117500-03 Price: Call Buy Now
117500-04 Leak indicating unit LAE-4, 100-240VAC/24VDC, IP30 117500-04 Price: Call Buy Now
117500-05 Leak indicating unit LAE-5, 100-240VAC/24VDC, IP30 117500-05 Price: Call Buy Now
117500-06 Leak indicating unit LAE-6, 100-240VAC/24VDC, IP30 117500-06 Price: Call Buy Now
117500-07 Leak indicating unit LAE-7, 100-240VAC/24VDC, IP30 117500-07 Price: Call Buy Now
117500-08 Leak indicating unit LAE-8, 100-240VAC/24VDC, IP30 117500-08 Price: Call Buy Now
330610 Signal horn, 108dB, IP55, 230VAC, 90mA, outdoor installation 330610 Price: Call Buy Now
330665 Flash Light, IP 67 230V, 50Hz, 15mA, Indoors/Outdoors 330665 Price: Call Buy Now
330676 Flash light horn, IP54, 24VDC, outdoor installation 330676 Price: £425.30 Buy Now
330680 Ex signal horn, 105dB, IP55, 230VAC, 70mA, duty cycle=70%, F125mA 330680 Price: Call Buy Now


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