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Leak Detector VLR 410 PMMV, 100-240VAC|24VDC, ss-box, FU8/6

Monitoring & Control

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Vacuum leak detectors (VLR) FUNCTION: A vacuum (underpressure) is generated in the interstitial space. Untightnesses lead to a vacuum loss, which can be compensated to a small extent by integrated pumps to ensure trouble-free operation. Relevant leaks lead reliably to an optical and acoustic alarm. The pipe run/construction heights in connection with the placement of the leak detector determine the underpressure to be applied. Minimum alarm pressure (mbar) = 30 mbar + height Hmax (cm) * density (g/cm3) * 0,98 (for underground pipes: density at least 1 g/cm3, Hmax see documentation) calculation of minimum alarm pressure (excel-file). The alarm pressure is given in mbar in the type designation, e.g. VLR 410. The operating pressures are higher than the respective alarm pressures. The pipe's interstitial space must withstand these underpressures. VLR Vacuum leak detector pipe for one pipe or via manifolds for several pipeline strings. For wall mounting (indoor/outdoor). A standard at heating oil storage tanks, diesel tank farms and in a suitable durable design for tank farms for chemically aggressive liquids. NOTES: > The requirements of the respective documentation must be observed! > Equipment that can come into contact with stored goods or their vapors must be made sufficiently durable. > VLR leak detectors must neither be installed in Ex areas nor come into contact with explosive vapor-air mixtures.

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