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VEGA Pre-wired Radar Level Sensors

In the realm of fuel monitoring, precision is paramount, and VEGAPULS Radar Sensors are the key to achieving unparalleled accuracy.


Designed to excel in diverse environments, these advanced sensors offer real-time, non-contact fuel level measurements, regardless of tank type or environmental conditions.

Whether you're overseeing fuel storage for industrial applications, commercial tank installations, or even complex critical power day-tank systems, VEGAPULS Radar Sensors provide the precision you can trust.

Say goodbye to outdated submerged pressure transducer sensors and welcome a new era of reliability and efficiency in fuel monitoring with VEGAPULS Radar Sensors.

  • Versatile Applications: VEGAPULS Radar Sensors excel in diverse environments, delivering real-time, non-contact fuel level measurements, making them suitable for various tank types and environmental conditions.
  • Wiring Options: Choose from pre-wired or wire-ready VEGAPULS Radar Sensors, providing flexibility in installation to simplify your setup.
  • ATEX Approval: VEGAPULS Radar Sensors come with optional ATEX approval for Zone 0 environments, ensuring safety and compliance in hazardous settings.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Easily configure and monitor sensors via Bluetooth using the free VEGATOOLS app on your iOS or Android device or PC software, streamlining your setup and granting real-time data access at your fingertips.
  • Wide Depth Range: VEGAPULS Radar Sensors work with tanks ranging from 20cm to 15m in depth, offering versatility for various tank sizes and applications.
  • Accuracy: Achieve precise fuel level measurements with VEGAPULS Radar Sensors, boasting an impressive +/- 2mm accuracy.
  • Non-Susceptibility to Density Changes: Unlike submerged pressure transducer sensors, VEGAPULS Radar Sensors are not susceptible to inaccuracies if the density of the fuel being monitored changes or is programmed incorrectly.
  • False Reading Suppression: These sensors can be programmed to ignore false readings caused by internal tank stays or cross-bars, ensuring accurate data without interference.
  • Simple Installation: VEGAPULS Radar Sensors feature straightforward screw-in installation, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup, saving you time and effort in the process.

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