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DuctSeal LG RED Duct Sealing Kit (for ducts up to 125mm diameter)

Pipe & Containment

Stock Code: DSLG-RED125

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The DuctSeal LG Kit is your all-in-one solution for fortified safety. Designed to seamlessly seal multiple cables or pipes entering buildings or cabinets, its innovative design ensures a vapor, liquid, and vermin tight seal, meeting rigorous safety standards with ease.

The kit contains the following items:

  • RedStuff Sealant
  • Foam Backing System
  • Finishing Sponge
  • Sandpaper
  • Cleaning Wipe
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Instructions

One Kit per Box:

All components included to seal 1 x duct as per the kit size mentioned (Caulking gun not included, but can be sold separately). ** One kit may fill more than one duct, depending on cable % fill

Cable Separation:

It’s imperative to ensure separation between each cable and from the inside of the duct. this unique daisy-chained circular tubes easily separates and supports single or multiple cables.

Running Water:

The duct & cables should be dry for best results with no running water. All dirt, oil or grease must be cleaned before applying RedStuff.

Cure Time:

RedStuff will cure 3-4mm daily, depending on the Humidity and temperature. The higher the humidity %, and temperature, the quicker RedStuff will cure. A minimum requirement of 20mm RedStuff is required for an effective seal.


Uncured material spillages can be cleaned with a solvent-based wipe.

Health & Safety:

RedStuff is based on a neutral curing system that is hazardous-free to protect users when carrying out tasks like sealing cable ducts. Non-hazardous Zero MEKO.



Re-entry & Removal:

RedStuff will cure to a similar hardness to a rubber eraser, so re-entry and removal are achievable. The ease of this depends on the type of tools used. For example, a sharper tool will be easier than a blunt-ended tool. Only use sharp tools when cables are de-energised.

Cable Suitability:

RedStuff is a single-component neutral curing system containing no solvents. this formulation does not damage the properties of a cable sheath or stain surfaces.


RedStuff should be kept in a cool, dry environment and away from sunlight. The product shelf life is 12 months. Once opened, any remaining product can still be used for 1 month afterwards, provided the screwcap is securely fitted.

  • Revolutionary circular foam backing system for enhanced sealing
  • MEKO-free, Fybrid, Non-Hazardous Intumescent sealant
  • Water & Gas Tight with resistance to toxic gases like methane, chlorine, & hydrogen sulfide, ideal for the water industry
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons, perfect for the petrol and fuel industry
  • Flame Retardant, tested to UL94: 2013 ANSI / UL 94: 2018
  • Compliant with DSEAR, WIMES, DCG, APEA, BLUE BOOK & ATEX standards
  • Microbial Defense – fortified against fungi & bacteria
  • MADE IN UK - Designed and manufactured locally for quality assurance
  • Sealing Capacity: Seals multiple loose cables or pipes/tubes of up to 25mm diameter each
  • Duct Diameter: Fits ducts of up to 125mm diameter
  • Sealing Type: Vapor, liquid, and vermin tight sealing
  • Components: Includes innovative circular foam backing system and MEKO-free, Fybrid, Non-Hazardous Intumescent sealant Industry
  • Applications: Ideal for fuel installations, water industry, perfect for the petrol and fuel industry
  • Compliance: Meets standards such as DSEAR, WIMES, DCG, APEA,
  • BLUE BOOK & ATEX Flame Retardancy: Tested to UL94: 2013 ANSI / UL 94: 2018 standards
  • Microbial Defense: Fortified against fungi & bacteria
  • Origin: Designed and manufactured in the UK for quality assurance
  • Ease of Use: Simplifies sealing processes for enhanced safety and compliance.

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