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DoubleTrac Pipework

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DoubleTrac® UL1369 Approved Pipework for Aboveground, In-building and Marina installations

The most cost effective pipework approved to UL1369 for safe transfer of Petrol, Diesel, HVO, Biofuels, AdBlue (DEF) and other Chemicals

DoubleTrac® fire rated fuel / petrol / diesel pipework is certified to the first ever specific standard for Aboveground Piping for Flammable and Combustible Liquids; UL1369.

This milestone sets the new standard for UK diesel generator, automotive plant and marina fuel transfer installations.

DoubleTrac’s® innovative double-wall design includes a primary interior layer of zero-permeation, highly corrosion resistant corrugated stainless steel with an outer EFEP barrier layer bonded to a Nylon 12 protective layer.

The unmatched strength of stainless steel combined with the superior permeation resistance of EFEP in the secondary barrier layer combine to provide highly durable design utilizing proven materials in the industry.

The interstitial space provides continuous monitoring for leak detection – making DoubleTrac® the industry’s most effective Zero Permeation piping solution.

DoubleTrac® installs easier – and reduces installation costs.

  • DoubleTrac® flexible piping is easier to install and is less labour-intensive than rigid pipe installations or other flexible pipe systems.
  • Available in 1", 1.5" & 2" diameters
  • Supplied in continuous lengths of up to 1000m (max length is diameter dependant)
  • Small bend radius and easy bending by hand allow seamless routing through buildings, service ducts, under marina pontoons and around your tank or generator farms
  • Straight connectors, elbows, tees and BSPT male end fittings allow easy routing and connection to tanks and other equipment
  • DoubleTrac® requires no special tools to assemble and can be bent by hand.

The special field-attachable fittings provide a reliable metal-to-metal seal through proven technology. What’s more, it’s supplied in continuous lengths from a spool that eliminates the need for joints – no electrofusion joint welding, no adhesives, no curing problems, and no leaks.


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