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108mm Diameter

Description Price
108mm-od-x-2.0-mm-wall-welded-tube-316ss-1286-p 108MM OD X 2.0 MM Wall Welded Tube 316SS PFSP15001 Price: £162.02 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-coupling-1303-p 108 mm Pressfittings Coupling PFSP15015 Price: £254.16 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-cap-1314-p 108 mm Pressfittings Cap PFSP15025 Price: £217.98 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-90-elbow-f-f-r-1.2-1336-p 108 mm Pressfittings 90 Elbow F/F r=1.2 PFSP15045 Price: £338.84 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-45-elbow-f-f-r-1.2-1346-p 108 mm Pressfittings 45 Elbow F/F r=1.2 PFSP15055 Price: £481.34 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-45-elbow-extension-coupling-r-1.2-1357-p 108 mm Pressfittings 45? Elbow Extension Coupling r=1.2 PFSP15065 Price: £331.66 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-90-elbow-extension-coupling-r-1.2-1368-p 108 mm Pressfittings 90 Elbow Extension Coupling r=1.2 PFSP15075 Price: £400.88 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-flange-coupling-pn16-4-1413-p 108 mm Pressfittings Flange coupling pn16 4 PFSP15115 Price: £514.42 Buy Now
108mm-x-2-bspp-pressfittings-tee-female-1433-p 108mm x 2 bspp Pressfittings Tee Female PFSP15125 Price: £394.04 Buy Now
108mm-x-3-4-bspp-pressfittings-tee-female-1434-p 108mm x 3/4 bspp Pressfittings Tee Female PFSP15126 Price: £302.96 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-fpm-gasket-1480-p 108 mm Pressfittings FPM Gasket PFSP15168 Price: £63.18 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-long-coupling-1491-p 108 mm Pressfittings Long coupling PFSP15178 Price: £296.60 Buy Now
pfs press male 108mm x 4 bspt Pressfittings Male coupling PFSP15188 Price: £281.66 Buy Now
108x54-mm-pressfittings-reducer-1561-p 108x54 mm Pressfittings Reducer PFSP15242 Price: £99.18 Buy Now
108x76.1-mm-pressfittings-reducer-1562-p 108x76.1 mm Pressfittings Reducer PFSP15243 Price: £120.06 Buy Now
108x88-9-mm-pressfittings-reducer-1563-p 108x88,9 mm Pressfittings Reducer PFSP15244 Price: £133.48 Buy Now
108x22-mm-pressfittings-reducer-tee-coupling-1589-p 108x22 mm Pressfittings Reducer Tee Coupling PFSP15269 Price: £316.80 Buy Now
108x28-mm-pressfittings-reducer-tee-coupling-1590-p 108x28 mm Pressfittings Reducer Tee Coupling PFSP15270 Price: £316.78 Buy Now
108x35-mm-pressfittings-reducer-tee-coupling-1591-p 108x35 mm Pressfittings Reducer Tee Coupling PFSP15271 Price: £326.76 Buy Now
108x42-mm-pressfittings-reducer-tee-coupling-1592-p 108x42 mm Pressfittings Reducer Tee Coupling PFSP15272 Price: £336.80 Buy Now
108x54-mm-pressfittings-reducer-tee-coupling-1593-p 108x54 mm Pressfittings Reducer Tee Coupling PFSP15273 Price: £301.84 Buy Now
108x76.1-mm-pressfittings-reducer-tee-coupling-1594-p 108x76.1 mm Pressfittings Reducer Tee Coupling PFSP15274 Price: £378.48 Buy Now
108x88.9-mm-pressfittings-reducer-tee-coupling-1595-p 108x88.9 mm Pressfittings Reducer Tee Coupling PFSP15275 Price: £422.90 Buy Now
108-mm-pressfittings-tee-1629-p 108 mm Pressfittings Tee PFSP15308 Price: £418.54 Buy Now


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