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32mm (1") Single Wall

32mm pipe schematic

Description Price
upp-pipe-coil UPP Extra Pipe 32mm Coil 100M 001-032-100-E Please Login
upp-fusion-coupler-32mm-long-794-p UPP Fusion Coupler 32mm, Long 02-032-L Please Login
upp-electrofusion-elbow-90-32mm-796-p UPP Electrofusion Elbow 90° 32mm 03-032-EIF Please Login
upp-electrofusion-elbow-45-32mm-797-p UPP Electrofusion Elbow 45° 32mm 04-032-EIF Please Login
upp-plain-elbow-90-32mm-795-p UPP Plain Elbow 90° 32mm 03.32 Please Login
upp-stub-32mm-798-p UPP Stub 32mm 05-032-L Please Login
upp-flange-circular-dn25-32mm-799-p UPP Flange Circular DN25 32mm 06.32 Please Login
upp-gasket-32mm-for-stub-800-p UPP Gasket 32mm for Stub 07.32 Please Login
upp-tee-equal-32mm-801-p UPP Tee Equal 32mm 08.32 Please Login
upp-electrofusion-tee-32mm-802-p UPP Electrofusion Tee 32mm 08-032-EIF Please Login
upp-plain-reducer-50x32mm-803-p UPP Plain Reducer 50x32mm 09-050-032-L Please Login
upp-plain-reducer-63x32mm-804-p UPP Plain Reducer 63x32mm 09-063-032-L Please Login
upp-end-cap-32mm-805-p UPP End Cap 32mm 10-032-L Please Login
upp-fusion-seal-40mm-806-p UPP Fusion Seal 40mm 302-040 Please Login
upp-union-termination-32mm-x-1-bsp-808-p UPP Union Termination 32mm x 1" BSP 11.32UF Please Login
upp-compression-termination-32mm-x-1-bsp-male-809-p UPP Compression Termination 32mm x 1" BSP Male 11.321 Please Login
upp-ss-termination-32mm-x-1-bspt-male-810-p UPP SS Termination 32mm x 1" BSPT Male 81-032 SS BSPT Please Login
upp-ss-termination-32mm-x-1-bspt-female-811-p UPP SS Termination 32mm x 1" BSPT Female 82-032 SS BSPT Please Login
upp-anti-static-cap-1032-p UPP Anti-Static Cap ESI-CAP-012 Please Login

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