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Drain Protection

Keeping the environment clean and green with innovative drain protection products. Our range includes three types of cover, each protecting the drain whilst containing the spill.

These drain protection products are compliant with current legislation and satisfy the requirements of most site applications.

Description Price
D4204545 45cm x 45cm Bentonite Clay Drain Mat D4204545 Price: £118.14 Buy Now
D4206545 65cm x 45cm Bentonite Clay Drain Mat D4206545 Price: £149.69 Buy Now
D4209191 91cm x 91cm PU Drain Cover D4209191 Price: £342.31 Buy Now
D4204646 46cm x 46cm PU Drain Cover D4204646 Price: £149.40 Buy Now
D4206161 61cm x 61cm PU Drain Cover D4206161 Price: £190.32 Buy Now
D4210101 PU Spill Barrier Connection Piece D4210101 Price: £48.60 Buy Now
PU Spill Barrier Corner Piece D4210100 Price: £73.62 Buy Now
D4210130 6cm x 3m PU Spill Barrier D4210130 Price: £342.31 Buy Now
D4252545 Ultra Drain Guard 25.4cm x 45.7cm D4252545 Price: £124.42 Buy Now
D4201010 Black Neoprene Drain Cover 1m x 1m D4201010 Price: £44.73 Buy Now
Drain Cover Kit D4201012 Price: £80.19 Buy Now


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