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Chemical Absorbents

Chemical absorbents are generally yellow in colour, they are ideal for use on spills involving aggressive chemicals (acids and alkalis) either inside or outside. They will also work with oil and water based fluids providing a universal response to most types of spills. These products are ideal for deployment where a variety of liquids pose the main spillage risk. Available in pad, sock, roll and pillow formats to provide an effective response to most spill scenarios.

Description Price
C0415040 Premier Chemical Pad 50cm x 40cm C0415040 Price: £151.40 Buy Now
C0425040 Premier Chemical Sheet 50cm x 40cm C0425040 Price: £60.25 Buy Now
C0404040 Premier Chemical Roll 38cm x 40m C0404040 Price: £65.37 Buy Now
C0405040 Premier Chemical Roll 50cm x 40m C0405040 Price: £76.29 Buy Now
C0408040 Premier Chemical Roll 80cm x 40m C0408040 Price: £104.78 Buy Now
C0205040 Premier Extra Chemical Roll 50cm x 40m C0205040 Price: £119.44 Buy Now
C0208040 Premier Extra Chemical Roll 80cm x 40m C0208040 Price: £171.67 Buy Now
C0215040 Premier Extra Chemical Pad 50cm x 40cm C0215040 Price: £119.44 Buy Now
C0484146 Essential Chemical Pad 50cm x 40cm C0484146 Price: £71.73 Buy Now
C2825040 Classic Plain Chemical Lightweight Sheet 50cm x 40cm C2825040 Price: £105.78 Buy Now
C0430712 Premier Chemical Sock 7.5cm x 1.2m C0430712 Price: £65.49 Buy Now
C0430730 Premier Chemical Sock 7.5cm x 3m C0430730 Price: £65.49 Buy Now
C2041330 Classic Chemical Boom 13cm x 3m C2041330 Price: £140.40 Buy Now
C2042030 Classic Chemical Boom 20cm x 3m C2042030 Price: £215.83 Buy Now
C2053040 Classic Chemical Pillow 30cm x 40cm C2053040 Price: £57.63 Buy Now
C2053823 Classic Chemical Pillow 38cm x 23cm C2053823 Price: £55.40 Buy Now
C2054050 Classic Chemical Pillow 50cm x 40cm C2054050 Price: £60.25 Buy Now


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