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Harena Granular Adsorbent

Harena - Weighted adsorbent granular.

​ Harena is an award winning, fine grade, patent coated mineral with a granular size of approximately 0.8mm, capable of bonding all forms of hydrocarbon including fuels, oils and modified synthetics.

The fine grade of Harena gives the adsorbent a very large surface area which aids the bonding process of hydrocarbons and ensuring a quick and efficient capture of contamination.

Harena has a number of features which make it a suitable choice for a wide range uses from spillage control to hydrophobic sealing. These are as follows;

• Effective on all forms of hydrocarbon - from low viscosity silicon oils to high viscosity bitumen and crudes. • Full hydrocarbon capture – Harena is able to successfully bond hydrocarbons whether in free phase, emulsified or vapour form. • Non-leaching capability – Harena mechanically bonds the hydrocarbon molecule to itself preventing leaching either at the spill source or later at disposal. • Fully hydrophobic – Harena will actively repel water meaning only the hydrocarbon contaminate will be removed, thereby reducing disposal cost. • Fire retardant – Harena is able to capture the vapour element of high volatile fuels which significantly reduces the risk of combustion. • Heavyweight – Designing as a weighty product means Harena can be applied to exactly where it is required and needed. • Indefinite shelf life – Harena is not degraded by moisture or wet environmental conditions. • Disposal methods – Harena has been WAC tested and classified as environment friendly non-reactive waste BS EN 12457

Packaging options...

Harena is available in a number of formats. These are as follows;

  1. 20kg polypropylene valve sacks
  2. Pallet of 50 x 20kg polypropylene valve sacks
  3. 6kg Harena refillable applicator
  4. 1000kg Sealed bulk bag pallet

Adsorption (bonding) rates

A kilo of Harena will bond approximately 0.4-0.5litres of neat hydrocarbon. A 20kg bag of Harena will bond approximately 8-10litres of neat hydrocarbon. A 6kg Harena applicator will bond approximately 2.4-3litres of neat hydrocarbon. A pallet of Harena will bond 400-500litres of neat hydrocarbon.

​Harena applications

Harena is a versatile product with a number of applications. These include... • Contamination prevention • Pipework and cable bunding • Spillage control • Highly flammable hydrocarbons • Wet and water environments • Ground remediation • Hydrophobic sealing


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