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CC Jensen Diesel Polishing Systems

Diesel filtration systems for removal of particles, water, bacteria/sludge and oil degradation products from diesel fuels

What are the consequences of dirty diesel?

  • High consumption of in-line filters = frequent in-line fuel filter saturation due to low dirt holding capacity
  • Diesel pest/microbes, micro pitting and wear = water in diesel
  • Wear on fuel pump, needle valves and injectors = particle abrasion
  • Damaged components = ineffective combustion and fuel dilution of oil
  • Corrosion = due to water that produces abrasive rust which wears on surfaces, block clearances and break off to damage moving parts
  • Cavitations in fuel pumps = water droplets collapse under pressure in the pump, producing high forces which “eats away” the metal (micro-pitting)
  • Wear on fuel valves & injectors = the high velocity through injectors creates “blasting” with water droplets and the high pressure makes water implosions (cavitations) resulting in high wear rates
  • Instant block of a fuel valve, injector or in-line filter = due to microbial growth, also called diesel bugs/pest
  • Other negative consequences = steel tank damage/corrosion, foul odours, human health problems, biomass slimes, manual tank cleaning is required

Contaminated diesel is one of the main issues on backup generators

Storing diesel and biodiesel over time, decreases the oil quality in the tank. Contaminated diesel containing water, microbes and particles can cause damage to fuel pumps and injectors, resulting in breakdowns of the backup system.

Today, the standard procedure is taking oil samples to verify the fuel quality. In case the diesel fuel is highly contaminated, it is discarded, as consequences of using contaminated diesel fuel is too expensive, due to the risk of generator breakdown or start-up malfunctions.

But the fact is - contaminated diesel can be cleaned!

By installing a CJC® Fuel Polisher on the tank, you no longer need to discard diesel fuel due to high water level, diesel pest or particles, as the filter continiously cleans the diesel fuel. Using the cellulose based CJC® Filter Inserts, with a filtration degree of 3 micron absolute and a very high dirt holding capacity, the filter capture and blocks water, sludge/diesel pest and particles. The risk of microbial growth is minimized, as the CJC® Fuel Polisher continuously filters on the tank, keeping water level under 100 ppm in the diesel fuel, thus ensuring that polished high-quality fuel is always used in the generator.

Benefits of CC Jensen Fuel Polisher

  • Clean diesel fuel
  • Reliable Start and longevity of Diesel Generator engines
  • Less consumption on fuel in-line filters
  • High combustion efficiency
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Removal of water and contaminants from one single filter
  • Reduced component costs
  • Increased lifetime of generator and tank
  • Limited consumption of filter inserts - best ROI on the market

Not all fuel polishers are created equally

Specifying the correct fuel polisher for your Backup Generator diesel system is vitally important.

Get it wrong and your diesel generator could fail just when it is needed the most.

CC Jensen (CJC) have been leading the world in oil and diesel polishing/filtration systems for six decades.

The worlds shipping and wind-turbine industries already rely on CJC filters to clean diesel and oil in the most harsh and critical of environments. In fact 80% of the worlds wind turbines have CJC filters installed.

As the UK distributor of CJC polishing systems and other diesel equipment solutions for the backup generator market, we help our customers save cost and ensure uptime throughout everything we do.

CJC® cleanliness specifications:

  • Particles: 3μm absolute. 98.7% of all solid particles > 3 μm 2-4 ltr contamination holding capacity
  • Water: The water absorption potential is up to 50% of the total contaminant holding capacity. Removing water to < 100ppm in diesel
  • Bacteria: With less then 100 ppm water content, microbial growth is minimized and furthermore, captured by the filter insert media

Buyers Guide

CJC Off line diesel polishers are easy to specify and easier to run.

Installed on bulk or belly tanks, they are designed to run 24/7, the integrated pump runs quietly with very low energy use.

They offer market leading particle filtration and water removal from a single filter with the industries largest dirt and water holding capacity.

  • Single or three phase pump motor options available
  • Electrical junction box + start stop isolator included
  • Mounted on leak stopping driptray
  • Dial pressure gauge included to indicate filter when filters need replacing
  • Mini-mess sampling point included
  • Threaded BSP inlet and outlets


  • BMS connectivity (pump on/off indicator, filter change alarm indicator, dry run indicator)
  • Electronic particulate counter + humidity + temperature monitoring system
  • Drip-tray leak detection

Save Money

Cost-effective to purchase, CJC polishers extend the time between filter changes in your polisher by up to 10 x compared to other thin wall filter systems.

This can save thousands of pounds per year in filter costs on a typical diesel generator installation giving a ROI of a matter of months.

Ensure Up-time

CJC Filters will clean diesel to ISO 13/11/8 or even better, which is much cleaner than OEM engine manufacturers require.

Water reduction to just 156 parts per million.

This will ensure your system starts when it is needed and can increase life expectancy of engine parts by a factor of 5.

Reduce Emissions

Burning cleaner diesel means engines run smoother, burn less fuel and their emissions are reduced dramatically.

CC Jensen fuel filter systems therefore can have a big effect on emissions and fuel efficiency at large generator installations.

Better for the planet and your customers bottom line.



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