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Diesel Polisher with 27/54 Filter - 785litre per hour capacity (50,000 - 70,000 ltr tank) - With BMS Connectivity

Filters & Polishers

Stock Code: HDU-27/54-BMS

Designed to be installed, off-line - i.e in a contained loop system off your bulk and day storage tanks - CC Jensen fuel polishers are designed to run 24/7 x 365 - continously filtering your diesel and removing water and particulates.
The in-built low-energy and low noise gear wheel pumps draw Diesel from the bulk or day tank (preferably from the lowest point), through connecting pipework, and presses it through the filter insert. The fluid flows from the centre of the insert, through the cellulose filter and returns to the tank.
The filter outlet port is located in the polisher base. The filtered fluid should be returned to the tank close to the suction pipe of the main system pump.
The pressure drop over the filter - and consequently the contaminant absorption of the filter insert - is monitored on the pressure gauge on the filter top or using an electronic pressure gauge or switch (which can be connected back to a BMS system). This allows the operator to easily identify when filters require changing.

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