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Granules are a loose absorbent and a cost effective measure for dealing with general liquid spills in and around the workplace. Just pour onto the spill, brush in and brush up, leaving the surface perfectly dry with no residue.

Description Price
U2041400 Absonet One Plus 20 ltr Bag x 70 per pallet U2041400 Price: £9.23 Buy Now
U2090020 Abso'net Multizorb 20Ltr Bag x 70 bags per pallet U2090020 Price: £10.32 Buy Now
U2090030 New Safety Tread 30L Bag x 55 per pallet U2090030 Price: £15.88 Buy Now
U2090050 Absonet Multizorb 30Ltr x 50 Bags U2090050 Price: £13.88 Buy Now
U2193060 Organic Compound 30L x 70 bags U2193060 Price: £8.06 Buy Now
U3090005 Spill Aid Absorbent 5L U3090005 Price: £27.66 Buy Now
U3090030 Spill Aid Absorbent 30L U3090030 Price: £30.30 Buy Now
harena 20kg bag Harena - 20kg bag HS01 Price: Call Buy Now
harena pallet Harena - ½ pallet (25bags) HS02 Price: Call Buy Now
harena pallet Harena - full pallet (50bags) HS03 Price: Call Buy Now
harena applicator Harena – 6kg in a refillable applicator HS04 Price: Call Buy Now
harenalux 4kg bag HarenaLux – 4kg bag – 4kg bag HL05 Price: Call Buy Now
harena pallet HarenaLux – ½ pallet (25bags) HL06 Price: Call Buy Now
harena pallet HarenaLux – full pallet (50bags) HL07 Price: Call Buy Now


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