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Normal Trade Price: £5,361.43 - SALE PRICE: £4,503.60 --- Petrotec P1500, Single-Phase, Twin Sided, 80LPM Diesel /80LPM Disel, Fuel Dispenser with Marina Spec Casing and Hose-Masts


Stock Code: P1500/80-80/1P/M/DS/HR


SALE PRICE: £4,503.60 (Previous trade price: £5,361.43)

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Product Description:


Introducing the Petrotec P1500 Dual-Hose Single-Phase Fuel Dispenser, a cutting-edge solution tailored for efficient fuel dispensing in demanding environments. This unit is not just a functional powerhouse but also boasts a Marina Spec casing, making it particularly suitable for marine and coastal applications. Engineered for compatibility with hose reels, it offers unparalleled operational convenience and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Model Number: P1500/80-80/1P/M/DS/HR
  • Dual-Hose System: Allows for simultaneous dispensing through two hoses, each delivering fuel at 80 liters per minute (LPM).
  • Single-Phase Operation: Designed for easy integration into various power setups, particularly in marina environments.
  • Marina Spec Casing: Features a robust, corrosion-resistant casing ideal for marine settings and coastal climates.
  • Hose Reel Compatibility: Optimally designed for use with hose reels, ensuring neat storage and extended hose life.
  • High-Grade Steel Construction: Guarantees durability and resilience in harsh conditions.
  • Accurate Metering Technology: Provides precise fuel dispensation, critical for cost-efficiency and regulatory adherence.
  • Clear Display Interface: Offers immediate, easy-to-read dispensing information.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Includes emergency shut-off systems for safe and reliable operations.


  • Marinas and coastal fueling stations
  • Industrial and commercial marine operations
  • Road tanker fuel management
  • High-demand fleet fueling facilities


The Petrotec P1500 stands out with its dual-hose capability, ensuring rapid, efficient fuel delivery. Its single-phase design simplifies electrical compatibility, making it a versatile choice for various locations. The Marina Spec casing is a testament to its suitability for challenging marine environments, offering enhanced durability against corrosive elements. Ideal for hose reel integration, this dispenser promises a clean, organized, and effective fueling operation, essential in high-traffic marine and industrial settings.

_Note: Always comply with regional safety and environmental regulations when operating fuel dispensing e


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