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Normal Trade Price: £615.00 - SALE PRICE: £513.04 --- Aluminium Pneumatic Single-Acting DN100 Ball Valve - TW Flanged One-Way Full Flow with Viton® Seals


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SALE PRICE: £513.04 (Previous trade price: £615.00)

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Specifically designed for road tanker applications, our DN100 Aluminium Pneumatic Single-Acting Ball Valve ensures reliable and controlled one-way fluid flow. Featuring a robust spring return mechanism, this valve provides fail-safe operation, essential for the dynamic environment of tanker transportation.

Key Features:

  • Product Group: Full Flow Ball Valves, optimized for road tanker use.
  • Valve Type: One-way ball valve, providing secure flow direction and preventing contamination.
  • Nominal Diameter: DN 100 (4 inches), tailored for high-volume transfer within tanker operations.
  • Actuation: Pneumatic Single Acting with Spring Return, ensuring quick valve closure for safety during transit.
  • Body Material: Lightweight Aluminium, chosen for its balance of strength and ease of handling on tankers.
  • Connections: TW 3 / 100 aluminium flanges, designed for easy integration with standard tanker fittings.
  • Seals: Viton® (FPM/FKM) O-Rings, offering excellent resistance to fuel and environmental exposure.
  • Design: No Special Types required, simplifying installation and maintenance.


  • Ideal for the controlled delivery of liquids in road tanker fleets.
  • Suited for fuel distribution systems where quick and safe transfer is paramount.
  • Perfectly compatible with a variety of chemical compositions commonly transported in tankers.


This DN100 Ball Valve is engineered for the high-demand context of road tankers, ensuring peak performance during fluid transfer. The pneumatic actuation coupled with spring return guarantees a secure and immediate response in case of power loss, crucial for mobile applications. Constructed with premium materials including an aluminium body and Viton® seals, it stands up to the rigorous conditions of road transport, ensuring a durable and leak-free performance.

Technical drawings are available to confirm exact specifications. Viton® is a registered trademark of Chemours.


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