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Normal Trade Price: £434.82 - SALE PRICE: £258.72 --- High-Performance Delrin Vane Set for Alfons Haar FP 80.1 / FP80 Pump, 158x25x7.8mm


Stock Code: 1032956


SALE PRICE: £258.72 (Previous trade price: £434.82)

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High-Performance Delrin Vane Set for Alfons Haar FP 80.1 / FP80 Pump, 158x25x7.8mm - Product Code 1032956


Premium vane set designed for Alfons Haar FP 80.1 and FP80 series pumps. Made from Delrin 500, it offers high tensile strength and durability to meet the demands of fuel installations and road tankers.


  • Material: Delrin 500
  • Dimensions: 158mm x 25mm x 7.8mm
  • Part Number: 1032956
  • Compatibility: Alfons Haar FP 80.1 / FP80 pumps


  • High Wear Resistance: Ensures longevity and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Optimized Design: Maintains pump efficiency and consistent fuel flow.
  • Temperature Stability: Performs well across various temperatures.
  • Chemical Resistance: Compatible with diverse fuel types.


Essential for industrial fuel installations, these vanes maintain the efficiency of road tanker pumps. Suitable for repairs, maintenance, or upgrades within the automotive fuel infrastructure.


Easy to install with all necessary blades included. Professional installation by a qualified technician is recommended for best results.

Incorporate these vanes for reliable pump operation and to ensure consistent fuel delivery.


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