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Normal Trade Price: £229.76 - SALE PRICE: £136.71 --- Norgren Super X Emergency Valve - 5/2 Port G1/8 Compressed Air, Zinc Body, Nitrile Seals


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SALE PRICE: £136.71 (Previous trade price: £229.76)

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The Norgren Super X Emergency 5/2 Valve, part number X3029902, is a vital component for managing compressed air systems in emergency scenarios. It offers a high flow capacity and is constructed from lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Part Number: X3029902
  • Series: Super X, synonymous with durability and efficiency.
  • Medium Compatibility: Designed exclusively for use with compressed air.
  • Operating Temperature Range: From 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F), suitable for various climates and operating conditions.
  • Operating Pressure: -0.9 to 10 bar, accommodating a wide range of applications.
  • Port Size: G1/8, standard sizing for easy integration into existing systems.
  • Valve Operation: 5/2 operation, allowing for versatile control in multi-directional flow and dual supply setups.
  • Body Material: Zinc, chosen for its balance of strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Seal Material: Nitrile rubber, providing excellent sealing and resistance to wear.
  • Operators: Comes with a wide range of manual and mechanical operators, enhancing usability.


  • Designed for use in emergency stop or drop-out scenarios within automated systems.
  • Ideal for pneumatic control in industrial automation, where consistent air flow and quick response are needed.
  • Suitable for environments requiring robust performance and high reliability, such as manufacturing plants and mechanical workshops.


This emergency valve is a key safety feature, providing rapid response and control over compressed air supply in critical situations. The high flow capacity ensures that systems can be deactivated or activated quickly to maintain safety and operational integrity. The choice of materials, including a zinc body and nitrile seals, offers a valve that is not only lightweight but also resistant to a variety of environmental factors.

For installation instructions, detailed product specifications, and maintenance guidelines, please refer to the Datasheet (PDF).


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