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Leak Detector DLR-P 2.0, pul-d, pl-box, QU8/6

Monitoring & Control

Stock Code: 078120-07

Pressure leak detector with integrated pump. Dried air is used as the leak detection medium. TYPES: DLR-P 1.1, DLR-P 2.0, DLR-P 2.3, DLR-P 3.0, DLR-P 3.5, DLR-P 4.5 OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: P: weatherproof housing M: digital manometer Si: service indication (adjustable 1 to 63 months) LE: remote monitoring LOD with Ethernet module (e.g. DLR-P 2.0 PM) PIPES: Double-walled pipes and fittings made of metal or plastic CONVEYED PRODUCTS: Water-polluting liquids with a flash point > 60 °C (for Germany > 55 °C acc. to TRGS and TRBS) where no explosive vapor-air mixtures occur. For pipes with an impermeable (metallic) inner wall also for liquids with a flash point ≤ 60 °C (for Germany ≤ 55 °C acc. to TRGS and TRBS), e.g. petrol in filling and suction pipes at filling stations. The conveyed product may not react with the leak detection medium used! INSTALLATION: Outside Ex areas HOUSING / IP RATE / TEMPERATURE RANGE: pl-box: plastic box / IP 30 / -0 °C .. +40 °C ss-box: stainless steel box / IP 54 / -40 °C .. +60 °C PNEUMATIC CONNECTIONS: QU8/6: quick union for polyamide (PA) hose 8/6x1mm FU6/4 flared union for copper (CU) pipe 6/4x1 mm CF8/6: compression ferrule for copper (CU) pipe 8/6x1mm or polyamide (PA) hose 8/6x1mm

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