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3/4HP Three Phase Fixed Speed AG STP

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Stock Code: 403708901

Dry tank (initiates an immediate pump shut-down). Continuous pump run. Low incoming voltage. Pump motor failure. Short circuit detection. Controller faults. Open circuit detection.

Specifications 3/4 hp fixed speed models are available in variable and fixed length options. Check valve: 70 mm diameter fluorocarbon seal constructed on cast aluminium body and steel backing washer. Pressure relief valve: available in four pressure relief settings, integral to check valve. Standard model relieves at 2.76 bar and resets above 2.41 bar. Syphon: venturi-type syphon primer supplied with every submersible. Syphon check valve and secondary syphon sold separately. Air eliminator: every submersible includes a tank return path with one-way check valve to provide active air elimination. Electrical disconnect: electrical yoke for positive contractor disconnect during service. Pump Motor 3/4 hp fixed speed, 2875 rpm, multi-stage centrifugal type pump motor with integral, automatic, thermal overload protection. Power Requirements 75B models require single-phase, 200-250 VAC, 50 Hz incoming power. 75B models incorporate a starting and running capacitor, with internal bleed resistor, rated 440 Volt, 15 microfarad. STP-SCI single-phase smart controllers and STP-CBBS single-phase control boxes are available for 75B control. 75C models require three-phase, 380-415 VAC, 50 Hz incoming power. STP-SCIIIC three-phase smart controllers available for 75C control. Liquid Compatibility Max. liquid viscosity: 70 SSU at 60°F (15°C). Standard models are listed for fuel mixtures containing up to 10% ethanol with gasoline, and 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE or 17% TAME with gasoline. STPAG models are compatible with fuel mixtures containing diesel fuel with up to 20% biodiesel, 100% biodiesel, up to 85% ethanol with gasoline, and 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE or 17% TAME with gasoline. 3/4 hp fixed speed models can also be used with diesel fuels, fuel oils, kerosene, Avgas and jet fuels in a non-gelled pourable state. All wetted elastomers are made of a high grade, fluorocarbon compound. Approvals/Certifications Consult factory for applicable approvals. Quality Certification Franklin Fueling Systems is an ISO 9001Certified Manufacturer.

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